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Private Placement Life Insurance Will Get Through This: Michael Malloy

By Alisson Bell


“Michael Malloy is predicting that the private placement life insurance players will have good answers to policymakers questions. Wealthy people can use PPLI to setup customized cash-value life insurance policies backed by a wide range of assets. Under Internal Revenue service interpretations, they cannot have control over the manager of the funds in the policy. But the policy can invest in a wide range of assets, ranging from art, to land, to ownership stakes in private companies.”

Private Placement life insurance: A way to preserve wealth

“Like the caterpillar turns into a butterfly, the recharacterizing of assets inside a private placement life insurance policy becomes transformational as well. Once assets are placed inside the PPLI asset structure, these assets take on the six principles of expanded worldwide planning: privacy, asset protection, succession planning, tax shield, compliance simplifier and trust substitute.”

How the wealthy use life insurance to escape estate tax and why the tactic is now attracting scrutiny

How do the ultra-wealthy shield their immense fortunes from taxes? Yes, life insurance is one answer, but it’s life insurance with a twist. This little-known tax tool, which may be coming under increasing scrutiny, is called private placement life insurance, or PPLI. It is effectively a life insurance policy that is owned by an offshore trust.

PPLI: A way to preserve wealth – II

“Private Placement Life Insurance is a tool for wealthy families to achieve tax-free investment growth and protection.”

by Michael Malloy CLU TEP RFC


An Overview of Offshore PPLI with Michael Malloy, CLU, TEP, RFC, hosted by David H. Kinder, RFC®, ChFC®, CLU®

Offshore PPLI (Private Placement Life Insurance) is a type of customized life insurance policy that allows high-net-worth individuals to invest their assets in a tax-efficient manner.

Michael Malloy discusses the benefits of offshore private placement life insurance (PPLI), including tax advantages, asset protection, and flexibility compared to domestic options, highlighting its use in estate planning and wealth preservation.

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by Michael Malloy CLU TEP RFC

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